Biometrics 2016

When: October 18th – 20th, 2016
Where: QEII Centre – London

BioTrust is present at Biometrics 2016. At our network stand we demo our multimodal (voice and face) biometrics solutions.

Biometrics 2016 provides a unique platform for anyone with an interest in biometrics, the whole industry under one roof – including suppliers, users and academia.

Meet with those working on major biometrics implementations – in large-scale government projects, border control and law enforcement plus in mainstream customer-facing applications such as mobile payments. The conference will give a comprehensive insight into current projects and future challenges and how biometrics will fit into your plans for the future.

Topics include:

• Identity management and biometrics
• How can biometrics help create social impact?
• Trust, privacy and data protection
• Secure transactions and consumer biometrics
• Biometrics and forensics
• Public sector biometrics and borders
• Liveness detection and vulnerability assessments
• Research and innovation in biometrics

Check the website for the full program

More information

For more information on the conference and program, visit the Biometrics 2016 website.

If you have other questions for BioTrust, please reach out to Petra Halenbeek, marketing manager at BioTrust.