May 25th, 2016
Biometrics in Banking and Payments Istanbul

22 May 2016

BioTrust about serving the omni-channel customer, convenient and secure

When: Wednesday May 25th, 2016
Where: İTÜ ARI TEKNOKENT – ARI 3 Building, Maslak, Istanbul
The seminar will reflect the trends and opportunities of biometrics in the financial market. It will be discussed how processes can be designed both convenient and privacy compliant.

Roel Spans CCO of BioTrust ID will give a presentation on ‘Serving the Omni Channel customer, convenient and secure’. At our network space we give you a demonstration of our multimodal biometrics solutions.
Biometrics in Banking and payments will provide guidance on how biometrics can be used to optimize key aspects of the banking and payment processes. Such as customer interaction, operational efficiency, fraud reduction and prevention. During the seminar we will reflect the many new opportunities. You will learn about biometric solutions for in-branch and mobile environment and for internal and customer-facing usage. There will be presentations about how biometrics support mega trends such as personalization and location independent services. It will also be discussed how biometrics can be embedded into front end and back end processes.

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