Caller Authentication

Caller authentication a seamless experience

More convenient

Effortless authentication ensures you can focus on delivering value

More secure

Biometrics provides for stronger authentication by design

Less impact

Prevent fraud while delivering faster and simpler customer authentication

Voice biometrics provides superior caller authentication over passwords, PINs, and security questions to thwart identity thieves, prevent fraud and deliver an identity verification experience that your customers will appreciate.

Prevent Fraud and Identity Theft

Organized fraud rings target customer sevice centres using stolen credentials such as passwords, PINs and security questions, costing the industry billions each year. Financial institutions, healthcare providers and governments are most commonly affected. Verify your callers with their voice for stronger authentication and protect your organisation against fraud and data breaches.

Deliver A Faster Customer Authentication Experience

Provide your customers with a simpler and quicker authentication process that improves your customer service experience. Your customers won’t have to remember multiple PINs and passwords, and will have their identity automatically verified using their voice. Customers prefer voice biometrics over existing authentication methods for security and convenience.

Generate Significant Cost Savings

Voice authentication verifies your callers within 10 seconds, an average of 20 seconds faster than existing methods. It removes the frustrations associated with identity verification as applied by customer service centres today leading to an improved customer loyalty. It also prevents fraud and identity theft. These three areas highlight the financial benefits of caller authentication for a cost-effective customer service centre.


Caller authentication for call centres


  • Stronger authentication
  • Prevent fraud and identity theft
  • Improved identity verification experience
  • Improved operating efficiency
  • Reduced costs and a quick ROI


  • Customer authentication within 10 seconds
  • Multi-person per account registration
  • Direct and easily integrated feedback on authentication results
  • Platform or API based delivery