More convenient

Provide your customers with the most convenient and secure E-signature solution

More secure

Biometrics provide stronger authentication by design

Less impact

Significantly reduce the time and resources needed, and get instant and legal confirmation

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BioTrust Mobile Authentication for E-Signatures. Enable convenient, secure sender/signer verification online or directly in your mobile app, with strong and intuitive face recognition using the user’s smartphone camera.

Digitalisation & E-signing

In an increasingly digital world, electronic signatures save paper-handling and courier costs and significantly accelerate the pace of business processes. However, e-signatures must be reliable and secure to ensure the identity of sender and signer and meet legal requirements, and yet easy enough that signers are willing to adopt it. Current solutions offer a variety of user authentication methods, yet none truly verify the person’s physical presence.

BioTrust E-signing

Fortunately, thanks to advances in biometric technology and the widespread adoption of smartphones, a better solution is available. With convenient and natural face recognition, BioTrust enables a more secure and convenient way to verify the identity and presence of e-signature document senders and signers, as reliably as face-to-face.  BioTrust Mobile Authenticator is very easy to use. For signing online, using the mobile app the customer Simply:

  • Look at your smartphone camera
  • Scans the QR code displayed in the browser
  • Authorizes their signature

Next generation digital signing

Increase compliance and reduce fraud through the next generation of digital signing, without compromising user experience. BioTrust E-signature:

  • Is the first multifactor and biometrics based E-signing solution;
  • Is unique in requiring out-of-bound verification, which must be approved on a mobile device;
  • Provide for an very convenient and intuitive user experience.



  • Stronger authentication
  • Improves compliance
  • Prevent fraud and identity theft
  • Improved identity verification experience


  • Multifactor (face + phone), multilayer (time + geolocation) authentication prevents fraud
  • Liveness detection ensures user presence
  • Out-of-band verification blocks man-in-the middle attacks
  • Zero-footprint transaction ensures data privacy