EAB seminar Biometrics in Aviation

When: Monday June 12th, 2017
Where: Radisson Blue Hotel, Lisbon Portugal

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The seminar Biometrics in Aviation will discuss today’s developments in the perspective of the future of identity in an increasingly networked world. The seminar will further familiarize you with biometric methods and applications by providing guidance and new insights on how biometrics can optimize key aspects of the passengers processing at airports: seamless travel experience, customer interaction, operational efficiency, fraud reduction and prevention. The seminar will reflect the many new opportunities arising from improved biometric technologies and methods, intelligent use of networked data and sophisticated public/private partnerships:

  1. Hear about biometric solutions being a key enabler for a seamless and secure passengers process;
  2. Learn how biometrics support mega trends such as personalization and location independent services;
  3. Identify how biometrics can be embedded into front end and back end processes;
  4. Discuss the impact of biometrics for passengers processing in the aviation sector;
  5. To understand the role of biometrics in the perspective of current and future developments in global identity management;

In addition Biometrics in Aviation will be a meeting place for all major stakeholders from the aviation industry, including airports, airlines, government and industry.

Our colleague Hans Canisius will be one of the keynote speakers.

Presentation outline: Towards the act-now airport and the value of biometrics; convenient & secure airport operations
The aviation sector is pushing towards bringing passenger expectations, security and operational requirements together to optimise real-time operations. Considering that the emphasises off these factors is more and more oriented on real-time, we refer to this as the ‘act-now’ era. Realising a truly connected passenger experience and improving operations across aviation stakeholders is driving new technology applications. One of these technologies is biometrics. Taken a huge leap over the past years, the potential value of biometrics to both passenger and airport operations processing is worthwhile discovering in more detail.

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For more information on the conference and program, visit the European Association for Biometrics(EAB)website.

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