More convenient

No more passwords, no more tokens, just by the uniqueness of being you and with today’s preferred device

More secure

Biometrics provides for stronger authentication by design

Less impact

Easy, quick, more secure and fully automated

Face authentication BioTrust

Biometrics provides an improved security layer that prevents unauthorized access. Reduce your exposure to data breaches and deliver a convenient authentication experience to your end-users across web, mobile, and desktop applications with BioTrust’s mobile authentication solutions based on voice and face biometrics.

A More Convenient User Experience

Customers and employees are frustrated with increasingly complex requirements that make passwords difficult to remember and enter on mobile devices, leading to failed authentication attempts. BioTrust Mobile Authentication eliminates the need for passwords, security questions and PINs for a better and more secure authentication experience.

Stronger Mobile Authentication and Application Security

High-profile data breaches are on the rise and expose millions of customer credentials each year, leading to compromised accounts at risk of being hacked. Protect your business applications and users with a more effective layer of security that uses a person’s voice and/or face to verify their identity and prevent unauthorized access.

Generate Compelling Cost Savings

Biometric authentication leads to higher user retention and acquisition rates that make your organisation more cost-effective. It prevents unauthorized access and data breaches that are expensive to recover from, damage brand reputations, impact sales and can result in costly litigation.



  • Stronger authentication
  • Prevent fraud and identity theft
  • Improved identity verification experience
  • Improved operating efficiency
  • Reduced costs and a quick ROI


  • Multi-factor authentication by design
  • Ensured liveness validation in both voice and face biometrics
  • Single or multimodal biometric application option
  • Fully flexible through API technology design
  • Easily applied to access applications for app, web, client server, physical locations and hardware
  • Platform or API based delivery