More convenient

Provide your employees or specific user groups an effortless way to verify their presence

More secure

Biometrics provides for stronger authentication by design

Less impact

Effortless control over resources while minimizing fraud

Solutions_proof of presence

Build on our proven Proof-of-Life® solution, BioTrust’s Proof-of-Presence offers a convenient and secure end-to-end solution for verifying user presence.

Proof-of-Presence provides a wide range of application areas. Whether is concerns validating the presence of security personnel, law enforcement agents, staff or students following a lecture, the potential value of knowing when and where your employees or participants can be crucial to your business success.

With our Proof-of-Presence solution, BioTrust can help your organisation to minimize fraud, reduce risks, optimize operations and improve communication in those areas where knowing location is key.



  • Stronger authentication
  • Prevent fraud and identity theft
  • Improved identity verification experience
  • Improved operating efficiency
  • Reduced costs and a quick ROI


  • The world’s first biometric based end-to-end solution for presence verification