Authentication Platform

Ensure comprehensive and secure user authentication and authorisation.
This paper covers topics such as:

  • Introducing the concept of authentication and an open framework approach
  • Biometrics and multimodal application


Read more on where the user’s biometric template is stored, and where the matching takes place.

These closely related questions have a significant impact on the security and privacy of the biometric authentication system.

introduction to voice biometrics

An introduction to Voice Biometrics

Explore how you can use voice biometrics to increase security and make authentication more convenient.

This whitepaper explores:

  • How security is compromised today
  • Security risks of various authentication methods
  • The 3 biggest adopters of voice biometrics
  • The benefits of voice biometrics


Caller authentication factsheet cover

Caller Authentication

Read how to deliver a convenient customer verification experience in your call centre typically within 10 seconds.

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Mobile Authentication

Mobile Authentication

Mobile technology is rapidly transforming customer and employee engagement. Apps have quickly become the preferred channel for interaction, offering huge potential in both experience and effectiveness. Make sure you build the most sophistication into your mobile authentication strategy with BioTrust.

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BioTrust company solution factsheet

BioTrust company and solution overview

BioTrust is a global leader in multimodal biometric authentication solutions. Our solutions combine contextual awareness and physical properties such as voice and facial features to enable verification of user identities, allowing the perfect balance between convenience, security and performance depending on the context of your organisational needs.

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Employee Attendance Management

With BioTrust Employee Attendance Management you are guaranteed a full identity verification every time an employee arrives at or leaves one of your work locations. Quick, secure, convenient and without any need for additional resources, thus offering substantial efficiency benefits over present-day attendance management solutions.

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Opus Research Report: “Voice Biometrics Intelliview


This intelliview: Solutions to Optichannel Challenges, with a comprehensive list of company dossiers, including BioTrust, provides a single point of reference to understand the competitive differences for companies offering software, services or platforms for voice-based authentication.

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Proof-of-Life for Pension Funds

Prevent pension fraud and overpayments with voice biometrics to save costs and deliver a faster, more convenient fund disbursement experience to pensioners.

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Voice login

Voice Login

Deliver a more convenient login experience to your customers and employees that increases application security with voice biometrics.

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Account Recovery factsheet

Account Recovery

Drive down IT Helpdesk costs and reduce support calls by up to 35%.
Automate password resets with voice authentication to deflect trouble tickets.
Increase employee productivity with fast 24 / 7 resets from any device, anywhere

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