Biometric Authentication Technology

BioTrust is a technology driven company – we strive to deliver best in class for biometric authentication technology

To be at the frontier of innovation means we continuously strive to test new ideas and prove our biometric authentication technology.
BioTrust's technology is ranked by the best in the industry.

What makes us stand out with biometric authentication technology?

  • We provide multimodal biometrics solutions. Improving accuracy, fraud resistance and flexibility!
  • We have a deep understanding of combining multi-factor authentication and multimodal biometrics. Get the required level of security and biometric modality for each situation!
  • We deliver a complete end-to-end platform or just an API to access our technology. Just as you wish!
  • We are a biometrics software company. You don’t need any expensive hardware, making our solutions convenient, secure and very cost-effective!
  • Our biometric authentication technology is mobile based. Today’s preferred device!

Facial recognition

Precise positioning is vital. Even a 1% error in determining the eye position can result in a 10% reduction of accuracy. Our face biometric authentication technology is based on an industry-leading face finder. This precision is one of the reasons why our technology is that accurate and reliable.

BioTrust’s face biometrics technology furthermore takes over 800 facial characteristics into account in creating a biometric template.

And as facial features can change over time, our learning mode ensures the biometric template evolves as face features change. With every successful authentication, the matched profile is used to enrich the biometric template. This learning mode not only helps to maintain reliability over time, but also learns to recognize the user under varying lighting conditions. Making our technology even more reliable.

Voice recognition

Voice biometrics can be applied in a wide variety of circumstances and to support various applications, BioTrust has developed leading technology in 2 key areas of voice biometrics.

Our active voice technology allows for authentication by use of fixed phrases. The user for instance recites “My voice is very special and unique” in a mobile app or IVR and is authenticated against a biometric template of an enrolled profile. This type of voice biometrics provides superior performance.

With our passive voice technology we truly take away all unnatural boundaries. The user only has to engage in a natural conversation and once enrolled, user authentication only take seconds. This type of voice biometrics provide true convenience and is very secure against fake attempts.

Combining both active and passive elements of voice biometric authentication technology brings the benefit of both types together and is is particularly useful to make active authentication more fraud resistant. Is such cases a tailored approach of fixed and prompted phases provides the best combination of performance and reliability.

And is with facial features, our voice is also subjected to change over time. BioTrust learning mode for voice biometrics ensures that the biometric templets remain up to date to provide optimum accuracy.


BioTrust understands the cautious attitude of customers and end-users towards biometric information. Protecting the privacy of our users is one of the fundamental starting points for developing technology. We have designed our technology specifically to ensure that user identity and biometric information are secure.

Anonymous biometric data

  • Personally identifiable and biometrics information are completely separated by design
  • We work with anonymous ID’s to ensure no personal identifiable information is used
  • In the authentication process, we only receive biometric information and we will never have any idea who to user is

An irreversible & revocable template

  • The biometric template is a mathematical representation of biometric data. This is the only thing we store. We don’t store photos, voice recordings or any other thing with the biometric data.
  • The template is encrypted and revere engineering to a photo or voice recording cannot be done.
  • Compromised templates can easily be deleted by the service provider before re-enrolment under a new and anonymous ID

Secured storage

  • Local / on device storage of biometric data is more vulnerable to attacks. We therefore store the anonymous biometric data in a highly secured data centre.


The strength of biometric traits is that they can’t be stolen. They can however be copied. Liveness detection therefore is an essential part of our biometrics technology and we proud ourselves in the extensive effort invested in developing market leading liveness technology.

Our patented fake-defender is comprised of a combination of techniques to prevent the algorithm being fooled by for instance the use of a high resolution photo or video. These techniques include:

  • The capturing of multiple images to check changes and natural motion. A 3D face moves quite differently from a 2D photo of video, which differences can be detected by our sophisticated algorithm;
  • Our technology furthermore applies the option of randomised face motion. The user is guided to execute a single or set of motions in which our algorithm again verifies the correctness of the motions according to the instructions;
  • Finally, our technology allows for the joined application of face and voice biometrics, in which case the user is prompted to speak multiple words or digits presented in random order while performing a face scan.


As for voice biometrics, particularly the use of active (fixed phrase) authentication is prone to being fooled by for instance a high quality recording. To avoid this risk, BioTrust recommends the combined use of active and text prompted authentication. Is this case the user is user is prompted to speak multiple words or digits presented in random order.

This option is also available for our passive (free speech) authentication algorithm. Although hacking this form is biometrics is far less likely, depending on the required level of security, this additional liveness application could be included.

A smart integration with our biometric authentication technology

Providing biometric authentication technology is one thing, but the ability to integrate new applications within existing processes, systems and hardware is something else. This is where our vast experience in integration can help. Whether provided through our open API’s or via our embedded platform, BioTrust offers the support you need for efficient integration.

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